Sunday, October 14, 2012

Melbourne Oldshooler - The Panel Video

Melbourne Oldshooler - The Panel Video

A few people said to me that a video would be good
So here is a rough cut of something i whipped up..
Over 890 panels . Running Time 1 hour 10 mins
Big thanks to all the contributors to the Blog  :)
I hope you enjoy it..  and any feedback would be great



  1. Well done dumo that was just a great production of work .it had all the classics keep em coming tiger

  2. Not a bad job damo but same same a little different Seen some photos get recycled again & again ... Besides that a job pretty much well done congrats buddy keep up the good work champ

  3. good job, but lose the watermarks, onya sport

  4. He may as well have water marks with drop shadow shiners detail and the works bloody hell damo your good King nerd