Friday, February 3, 2012

QLD writers busted in Melb 93 Article

Queensland writers busted in Melbourne 1993 Article
thanks to Sadi ,
(damn u need a scanner mate)  


  1. Gotta dig prosecutors name. Gotta say I dunno why they can't paint their trains but at least they gave the jacks plenty of evidence. 17 cans. That's a rack not a f$ckin burg! Tuxan shoe repair shop was it? This ain't them akm guys is it? I was writing to that diagram dude till some1 said he was trouble. Jinxed me too cos after I'd spun em a big story in 301 they pulled out a letter he'd wrote asking me about every panel & Explained in detail where it was & what it said. Copped 2or3 & told em I was big noting. Knew I was full of it but as u all know never admit till they got u cold. These fellas did cops work for em! Skelps.

  2. by the sounds of "these fellas" were doing a whole lot more then you in 1993! If you dont know, than you dont know! Akm ?wtf cant you read? You can't allways believe what you hear or read in the media! As for ol bud "fuckin toys" is your opinion yeah.anti style hipster street art fag

  3. Deadset. If u chat cunts don't know then I guess u don't know. But for real, I know this is a Melbourne website and all (and a mighty fine one at that).... But no excuse for ignorance. Respect the Old School kings.