Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Duels Alphabet vol.2

Duels Alphabet vol.2

Friday 10th Feb (this week)
Time 7:00pm until 10:00pm
Beaux Bar
284 Sydney Rd Brunswick (next to the Retreat Hotel), Melbourne, vic 3056

"Duels 2nd installation of his groundbreaking alphabet range , multiple aerosoul inventions designed to amaze..." .

Beginning his artistic journey in 1983 in the subways of Melbourne, Duel became renown for his unique style, using geometric line work, and brilliance of color, establishing him as an innovator within the Melbourne graffiti scene, becoming part of it's cultural fabric.

After featuring in the documentary 'Sprayed Conflict' in 1992, the significance of Duels work went beyond the subways. With large scale productions, and the incorporation of sculpture to his portfolio, DUEL inspired countless others with his dynamic style. He pushed the boundaries of the Melbourne scene, building up the public's awareness of the art form, and inspiring a new and fresh approach to graffiti.

Today, his works represent his passion and individuality as an artist. His works have multi dimensional brilliance, like an untamed life force, bouncing off his canvases and emerging you in their energy. Colors and splats, ribbons and weaves, take you on a journey through Duels past, his progressive style, and his future innovations.

Wild styles commonly include a set of arrows, curves and letters which have been so transformed as to be rendered arcane to the eyes of non-graffiti artists. It has also been common practice to incorporate 3D elements into the pieces, and even transform the whole letter structure into three dimensions, to add to the depth of visual perception of the work. Many artists have different elements to add to their wild style that gain that writer a good deal of respect within the graffiti scene, especially if one creates his or her own style and stays original and creative. Veteran artists tend to go for more complicated forms of wild style in which the types are hard to read but broad in creativity. Getting one's style mastered is key to achieving this success.