Monday, June 27, 2011

MelGraff - PILOT of Contemporary Melbourne Street Arts

MelGraff - PILOT of Contemporary Melbourne Street Arts

 Melgraff is a Documentary Audiovisual Treatment which aims to showcase the complex graffiti scene in Melbourne through a series of documentaries with working title "Contemporary Melbourne Street Arts"

The introductory 3 minute pilot presents graffiti in Melbourne from the perspective of members within the expanding subculture.

Artists in the pilot boldly express their passion for the graffiti culture. By allowing audiences to engage with the passion of the artists the film aims to inspire and change the sometimes stagnant views held by people who disagree with graffiti because of lack of knowlege about the culture. In the article War is Over (if you want it) Iverson states that it seems necessary to redefine graffiti in modern society, focusing on its positive aspects as tools to deal with the phenomenon (Iverson, 2009). Such a change of perception can convert graffiti from being seen as unattractive vandalism to something that makes livelier public spaces (Dew, 2007).